About SLC Property

An experienced property consultancy and part of the SLC Group, set up to help people who are delivering projects including those on or near the railway.

We help our clients by providing a wide range of services to facilitate the delivery of infrastructure projects, enhancements, property strategies, professional services and development schemes.


Our Team

Our team members all have many years’ experience working at the highest levels within public and private sectors and in various industries.

We have expertise in property and land strategy, commercial property, utilities, rail regulation and planning and environmental.

Because our people maintain consistently high standards of professionalism and ethics, the clients we serve benefit from the highest levels of trust and respect wherever we represent them.

Benefits of working with us:

Clear guidance

Cut through railway terminology and get clear guidance on what is required to deliver your project.

Fresh perspectives

Gain fresh perspectives and advantages by having a ‘critical friend’.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk by working with specialist experts with a proven track record of delivering and championing the needs of clients.

Save time

Save time by working with experts who understand necessary requirements and can quickly identify problems and deliver solutions.

Contact us to discuss your aspirations and project challenges