Jewellery Quarter

SLC Property is advising a developer on a project taking place near the railway to navigate all the complexities and regulatory requirements that are required when building on or near the railway.


The project involves a development of 395 apartments in a phased scheme in the Jewellery Quarter area of Birmingham. The scheme lies adjacent to the Jewellery Quarter railway station and provides a new access to the station. Issues have arisen regarding additional payments required by Network Rail and SLC Property has been engaged to provide advice.

Services provided

  • Valuation Advisory services for Shared Value negotiations.
  • Advising on Station Change and other regulatory requirements.
  • SLC Engineering has advised upon the impacts of altering the proposed scheme to help meet the rail industry’s requirements.

Key accomplishments to date

  • Understanding grounds of claim and how they match the evolution and creation of the scheme.
  • Developing a negotiating strategy which adequately explains the benefits of the development to the rail industry.
  • Utilising the expertise from the wider SLC group has meant we’ve been able to assist the developer in understanding other issues.
  • Advising the developer regarding the impacts of additional payments upon Development Appraisals.


  • Many changes are currently taking place within the rail industry, which has meant we have had to continuously adapt our negotiation approach.

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