Development adjacent to the railway

Overbridge / underbridge agreements

Construction projects that interface with the railway create many challenges.  This could be any project from bridge renewals to housing developments or other major infrastructure work.  We successfully negotiate overbridge and underbridge agreements with Network Rail on behalf of our clients who are looking to replace or refurbish bridges or bridge structures and can negotiate the acquisition of any additional land and rights required.

Crucially we can also call on the services SLC Rail’s Engineering experts to provide a comprehensive package of property and technical advice for clients looking to undertake construction activities over or adjacent to the railway, achieving economies of scale and saving our clients time and money

Shared value negotiations

As a public body, Network Rail has an obligation to ensure they achieve best value from any disposal of land and rights required as part of a third party project. In the case of development projects, Network Rail will seek to recover a proportion of the uplift in value from the scheme promoter, also known as ‘shared value’. We are experienced in negotiating shared value settlements and will help to minimise the financial impact on your project.

Compulsory purchase advice

We advise acquiring authorities on the complex statutory processes involved with a CPO, providing clients with strategic advice in both valuation and development matters.

  • Advise clients who are looking to promote CPO powers on the extent of an order
  • Prepare necessary documentation
  • Negotiate the acquisition of land/rights including compensation claims, attending Public Inquiries/acting as Expert Witness and representing clients at the Lands Chamber to resolve compensation claims

Furthermore, our CPO advice is provided in line with the mandatory rules set out by the Professional Statement published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for surveyors advising in respect of compulsory purchase and statutory compensation.

Claimants advice

From the minute a new road, rail, or infrastructure scheme is announced or suggested, the occupation of your property feels under threat. At this point, you require advice on the steps available to you for compensation.

Our experience as promotors of Transport Schemes using Compulsory Powers gives us knowledge of this process. We can advise on the requisite approach for making and managing a claim where you are affected by a proposed scheme and help to protect your interests.

Our advice will assist you in the next steps and reduce the uncertainties.

Valuations relating to railway infrastructure

We provide formal valuation advice in accordance with the RICS Valuation – Global Standards incorporating the IVSC International Valuation Standards both effective from 31st January 2020 (the ‘Red Book’), for a variety of purposes across all major commercial asset classes.

Strategic development and investment advice

In partnership with SLC Investments and E-Rail, we provide strategic advice regarding investment and the potential development of land and buildings adjoining transport infrastructure. This relates to both transport related assets such as stations (enhancing commercial assets such as car parks or commercial units) and also other third party owned land and buildings where potential value growth can be identified.

Our team also has extensive experience in supporting both local authorities and developers with delivering masterplans and regeneration projects, especially where the development includes a railway station or has a rail industry interface. We also can advise on development viability, valuations and where necessary the use of compulsory purchase orders (CPO’s).

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