Supporting infrastructure projects

Land assembly (including acquisition/disposal)

We have extensive experience of facilitating new projects within the transport sector. We have provided site assembly services, which include compiling details of land ownership, value and constraints to support optioneering and final design selection on several recent station developments including Stratford-upon-Avon Parkway, Coventry Arena, Kenilworth and Worcestershire Parkway.

Our team have worked extensively with Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) and Transport and Works Act Orders (TWAO) and can advise both on the scope of a CPO/TWAO and also their implementation in terms of settlement of compensation claims.

We are currently leading on the delivery of land and rights required for the Northumberland Line Project (formerly known as Ashington, Blyth & Tyne) which involves the reinstatement of passenger services over a 12 mile stretch of railway including the provision of six new stations. We have also recently delivered the land required for a key road project linked to Bermuda Park Station in the West Midlands.

As per rail industry guidance, our activities are documented for each project in a Land & Consents Strategy which details all property and consenting aspects and is advanced through the GRIP or RNEP stages (project governance for rail projects).

Third party station change and minor modifications

Rail Stations are important for the wellbeing of the communities in which they sit, they can also be the catalyst for economic growth. Whilst most of the stations in the UK are owned by Network Rail there has since 2013 been a way for other parties to change the way stations look and operate. This could be to improve the station environment or to use the station, its location or assets to benefit a commercial scheme.  We are the lead undertaker of Third-Party Station Changes.

Rail industry agreements

The rail industry has several complex requirements which need to be adhered to – even those outside the industry undertaking new or refurbishment projects.

We have experience of negotiating Asset Protection Agreements (BAPAs/APAs) with Network Rail, which are industry agreements required when working on or around the rail network. We have successfully negotiated favourable terms on behalf of our clients for their projects.

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