Utilities plays a crucial role in the success of any project, so it’s important to take them into consideration early on to avoid additional expense and lengthy delays to your project. This becomes especially crucial due to the increasing demand on utility companies to provide new and improved infrastructure. Therefore, having someone knowledgeable about how the industry handle these matters early in the project is highly advantageous.

We can support you with:

  • Diversions
  • Compensation
  • Utility due diligence
  • Utility new connections
  • Route feasibility

Utility diversion and compensation

Relocation of existing utilities often becomes a hindrance to an increasing number of residential and commercial developments from a cost and delivery perspective. We can mitigate the impact existing utilities have on the potential and existing development sites by reviewing the legal basis in which the utility is held. This could mean the utility company paying for the diversion costs. If diversions aren’t an option, we’ll try to negotiate compensation instead.

New connections

The utilities new connection market has evolved substantially over recent years with many developer clients now being aware of the alternative new connections options that exist via Independent Distribution Network Operators (iDNO), Independent Connections Providers (ICPs) in the electricity and gas sectors and New Appointment Variations (NAVs) in relation to water and sewage. We can help our clients maximise the potential cost saving offered by iDNOs, ICPs and NAVs as an alternative to relying upon the incumbent utility provider and interview iDNOs, ICPs and NAVs prior to making recommendations. We are also able to undertake route feasibility and due diligence reports on new connections.

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