Bermuda Connectivity

Coordinated and negotiated with landowners for the improvement of a highway link to reopen an existing bridge over the A444 to two-way traffic, delivering additional highway capacity and improved connectivity between West Nuneaton and Griff Roundabout.


A Warwickshire County Council led scheme, which focussed on improving connectivity with the local highway network and the refurbishment of an existing highway bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1974 and was designed to accommodate vehicles; however, more recently only pedestrians and cyclists have been able to access the bridge.

SLC Property’s engagement commenced in 2014 following preliminary design proposals. Our brief was to identify several large land parcels required for temporary and permanent use to deliver the scheme. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience, we put together a Land & Consent Strategy setting out the land requirements, methodology and consents schedule for the scheme which we then implemented. We liaised directly with both freehold and leasehold owners on behalf of the client and managed to reach agreement for all of the land required.

Services provided

  • Land Assembly
  • Land Valuations
  • Land Acquisition (by voluntary negotiation)
  • Negotiation and acquisition of land and compound required for construction.
  • Engagement with Network Rail
A photo showing the Bermuda Park station after opening


One of the scheme initiatives involved a shared pedestrian/cycle path running along the eastern verge of St George’s Way, which is just north of Bermuda Park.  However, there was a significant difference in the levels between the carriageway and the fence which required a retaining wall to accommodate the shared cycle/footway. The new wall tied in directly to the existing retaining wall near Bermuda Park  and all works were carried out from the highway. SLC liaised directly with Network Rail to secure all necessary consents.

Key accomplishments

• Securing acquisitions for several landholdings
• Working with Network Rail to establish rail consents and requirements
• Developing a land strategy to inform the final design
• Sourcing temporary site compound for use by the contractor

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