ScotRail station changes

We completed the 'Station Change' process on behalf of ScotRail for a series of station redevelopments across their portfolio, including Notifiable Change Proposals, Amending Agreements and Implementation Notices.


Since early 2018, ScotRail has managed a programme of redevelopments across its stations and depots varying from Customer Information Screens (CIS) at stations that are currently without, to full station redevelopments. SLC Property were engaged to complete station changes for three different projects: the installation of CIS on 36 ScotRail stations, Aberdeen’s station redevelopment and Inverness’ station redevelopment.  Although these projects vary in size and difficulty, they all had to go through identical station change processes, which have been completed entirely by SLC Property.

Services provided

For each of ScotRail’s projects, SLC Property assembled a draft Notifiable Change Proposal covering key project areas such as the project background, cost, funding and amendments required to the Station Access Conditions (SACs). Once drafted, the Notifiable Change was sent to the relevant project managers for comments to ensure the proposal covered the full scope of works that were to be completed. With the Notifiable Change ready for consultation, it was sent to all beneficiaries of the relevant station for their review and to receive acceptance or objection to the works proposed by ScotRail.

With acceptance received from all relevant parties, the agreement was drafted to list all quantifiable changes that will be made to the SACs for each station that was being altered. This document is sent directly to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), to be listed on the public register. This was then used as a reference to document any changes made to stations as well as responsibility for maintenance and repair of station assets. The final step in the process was to issue the Implementation Notice to all relevant parties, notifying them when the works would commence on site.


The only major challenge that restricted progress was access to the relevant project information required to complete the Notifiable Change Proposal, as this was not always available at the same time.

Key accomplishments

  • Acceptance of all proposals from the station beneficiaries, allowing the project works to commence
  • Acknowledgement from the ORR, resulting in the required amendments to be listed on the Public Register

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