SLC Property director is supporting SMEs meet net zero targets

One of SLC Property’s directors is helping SMEs meet net zero targets, after a survey of 254 SMEs found that they don’t know where to turn for help.

The research, entitled Small businesses advice on net zero: discovery phase, was commissioned by a new coalition called the Zero Carbon Business Partnership, comprising several of the UK’s leading business, energy, industry and education bodies.  It is the first time that a coalition of this magnitude has come together to drive SME progress towards the UK’s legally binding net zero target.

The report calls for an advice service tailored for the specific needs of SMEs, which make up over 99% of businesses in the UK, provide 60% of all jobs, and nearly half the nation’s business-related emissions. The research reveals that environmental impact is up there as a top priority for businesses, together with Covid-19 and growth.

Land and property specialists, SLC Property, are committed to supporting the UK’s journey to Net Zero.

Allen Creedy, DEFRA Policy Unit, Vice Chair EPU UK Policy Committee and Planning Director of SLC Property said: “The UK Government’s ambition for net zero cannot be realised without an empowered and supportive small business community. Evidence suggests that while small businesses support net-zero objectives, they do not yet understand their pathways to achieve this.

“That’s why this platform is fundamental. It’s an exciting project which will light a clear and consistent path to net zero, enabling the UK to becoming a powerhouse for low-carbon infrastructure, technology, goods and services.”

In the run up to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow this November, the Zero Carbon Business Partnership is developing an information service that provides SMEs with the tools needed to begin cutting carbon and to resolve the issues highlighted in the report.

The provision will ensure SMEs are provided with clear and easy to follow advice and support on how to get started and ahead of the targets.